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The best posts of the year, from The Archive!

We left off at S, but I have a few more of those:

S is for Adam Raised a Cain (Springsteen)-Drive By Truckers. One of the world’s best live bands, they got a little lazy this year. Far as I know, the only new cover they played was Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World (see “Y”). They usually introduce a few a year, at a minimum. Still love the way they do this one, though.

S is also for For What It’s Worth-Smashing Pumpkins (Buffalo Springfield)

T is for Get It On (Bang a Gong)-Bob Walkenhorst (T Rex)

U is for I Got Drunk (Uncle Tupelo)-Backyard Tire Fire

U is also for under-hype-machined! I was one of the first to post Times Like These-Ryan Adams (Foo Fighters). I should have gotten massive hits. I didn’t. Me sad now

V is for Werewolves of London (Zevon)-JGB. (I couldn’t find a “V”, and there’s two Vs in this one.) Don’t ask me how there’s a JGB without JG (Jerry Garcia), but whatever. It’s not bad, actually.

W is for Eye in the Sky (Alan Parson Project)-Ween

X is for Xroads (Cream)-John Mayer. Is using “X” for “Cross” cheating? If it is, take two versions in consolation. Crossroads-Los Lonely Boys (Cream cover). With the guitarist from Los Lobos, too.

Y is for Rockin’ in the Free World-Drive By Truckers (Neil Young).

Z is not for Zipfile. These are all direct links, guys, don’t be lazy fuckers. Z is for Lawyers Guns and Money (Zevon)-Backyard Tire Fire

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