We’re continuing this celebration of 2008 covers from the Archive. Here’s part one.

J is for Staple it together > whole lotta love-Jack Johnson (Led Zeppelin cover) I’m not a huge surfer music fan, but I think JJ is generous to provide his material, and his covers are cool, laid back funk.

K is for Karma Police-Citizen Cope (Radiohead cover).

L is for Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)-Hayes Carll.

L is also for Lips Like Sugar (Echo and the Bunnymen)-Smashing Pumpkins

L is also for Purple Rain-Lingo Live (Prince Cover). Yeah, it’s a little cliche. But Prince is always cool.

M is for Roses are Free-Moon Taxi (Ween Cover)

N is for the great band behind Grace. Pain in my Heart (Otis Redding Cover)-Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. N is also for No Sugar Tonight-Keller Williams (Guess Who). I love this song. This version is kinda weird, but it’s cool.

O is for Ophelia-Animal Liberation Orchestra (Band Cover). ALO are so cool. Every time I check out a show of theirs, I’m never disappointed. I mean, who’s doing Band covers these days?

P is for Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun-Smashing Pumpkins (Pink Floyd). SP are the biggest name in the archive, by far, and they have an open taping policy. Awesome. Too bad their last album sucked. But I dig ’em so much, they’re the only band on here this many times. And there’s more Pumpkins to come!

P is also for Peace Like a River (Paul Simon)-Spoon.

Q is for Fat Bottom Girls-Hayseed Dixie (Queen).

R is for Sympathy For The Devil-G Love and Special Sauce (Rolling Stones). This song always makes me think of my Senior year in High School, when I first heard it on a bus to Canada, where later a couple kids from our school would burn down a pizza parlor and our school would be barred from ever going back . . .

R is also for Communications Breakdown-Rose Hill Drive (Led Zep) In my opinion, these guys do the best Zep covers in the universe.

S is for a Standard at Speahead Shows, including the theme to Sesame Street and a Song by Sublime. What I Got/Sesame Street-Spearhead (Sublime).

S is also for See You Later, for part 3–the final part!

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