Here’s a two-fer fer-you. Both Elk City and The Old Soul are on the indie, self-described “microlabel” known as friendlyfirerecordings.com Friendly Fire, which is based in New York City. And what an appropriate label for these artists, because I’d describe both releases as quite friendly, pleasant music. Plus, you don’t usually hear “friendly” and “New York City” in the same sentence.

Elk City make dreamy, lo-fi tunes. The lead guitarist, Sean Eden, is from one of my absolute favorite indie bands, the great Luna. “New Believers” is first full-length in five years. The Old Soul’s music, taken from their eponymous debut album, is definitely Canadian (they’re from Toronto), but other than that it’s kind of hard to categorize.
I can assure you it doesn’t sound like old soul music, though.

Both albums have an upcoming April 17 release date. Check ’em out.

River of Daughters-The Old Soul

Nectar of the nitwit-The Old Soul

Cherries in the snow-Elk City

los cruzados-Elk City

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