“Almost by accident, I have become rich/through continued reward for skilled labor in the private sector and a genuine lack of interest in expensive things, it appears I have become rich. And since I have become rich I have constantly been in fear of losing everything…”

Much of the debut album, “The Overload,” by Yard Act, is spoken word over postpunk basslines and bursting riffs. Hailing from Leeds, the band is a Brexit-influenced mix of Johnny Lyndon, Fontaines DC/Arctic Monkeys/Sleaford Mod/Modest Mouse/Woody Guthrie, and sprinkles of George Carlin.

“Secretly I’m plotting to kill you all,” goes “Quarantine in the Sticks,” a song about how “books should be banned” and we’re all isolated in a time where the need for connection couldn’t be greater.

Joyous rage. Power chords. Hilarious fury. Bursts and blasts. I love this album.

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