LET’S WRESTLE-“In Loving Memory Of . . .”

“Let’s wrestle! Let’s fucking wrestle!” So begins the theme song of one of the most exciting new bands of 2008. The song isn’t on it, but Let’s Wrestle’s limited EP “In Loving Memory Of” (available on eMusic) is an explosive announcement: We’re here, we’re crazy drunk, and we came to party. The lead singer, named WPG, has an odd voice with the disaffect of Robert “The Cure” Smith, which he accents with humor when engaged in overreaching falsettos on songs like “I’m OK, You’re OK,” and rich irony on tunes like “Song For A Man With Pica Syndrome.”

The all-too-short introduction to the band, all power chords and heavy-hitting drums, may remind some folks of Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Cribs, The Kaiser Chiefs—postpunk bands like that. But be warned: It can be weird. On the aforementioned Pica song, one lyric says that the man consumed “three toothpicks, a goldfish and a child’s candle-making kit that belonged to my sister”. Another song discusses buying a new mattress, because there are insects in the singer’s bed. What does it mean? No idea. But it’s funny as hell.

I’m OK, You’re OK

Bonus tunes:

Burn This City-Lil Wayne and Twista (sampling Franz Ferdinand)

Take It Or Leave It (Strokes cover)-The Arctic Monkeys

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