ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Fantastic Negrito’s “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?”

A little bit of music history in the photo set!  And now, on with this week’s Album of the Week, where I feature a candidate for this year’s “best of the year”  December list.

Fantastic Negrito’s “Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?” is a fantastic collection of funk, afrobeat, hip hop tinged jazz, and just plain old fun. It’s a party record, reminiscent of the kind of thing Sly Stone was doing in the early ’70s.

Definitely check it out.

Runner Ups:
A couple other albums I recently heard that are good, but not quite great.  First, I’m not a jazz fan.  If I was, I’d probably rate this one by Jyoti even higher.  But she won my over with her terrific vocals and very interesting musical arrangements.

And second, a great instrumental afrobeat/funk/etc. collection from Jungle Fire.

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