Atmosphere is back with another optimistic poem—“Make It All Better Again.” Slug is truly one of the most unique lyricists in rap today. He manages to meld old-school flow with wholly modern sentiments, and he can be sincere and mature in a genre that thrives on impulsivity and rage.

New Logic. It’s a pure pop song, but it’s good.

New Low!

New Mudhoney!

New Marissa Nadler!

New Kurt Vile!

“Play Me” is one of the more danceable singles from Kovacs’ new, interesting album…

And if you like very cool and very creepy, the soundtrack (and, frankly, the TV show) Legion is for you. I can’t remember a TV show that relied on music so much to provide a narrative subtext–a brilliant show, and a great soundtrack.

Brooke Candy has teamed up with Pussy Riot on a great single and an adults-only video. Check it out!

I don’t know enough about hardcore to say if this is good or not, but I really dig the album cover. And it made me feel pumped.

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