ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Every Bad by Porridge Radio

“Born Confused” starts with the chant, “I’m bored to death, let’s argue” and proceeds to say, “Thank you for leaving me, thank you for making me happy,” for a full minute. How can an album with a song that has that kind of lyrical genius be bad? Answer: It can’t.

And that’s just track one. We then proceed through a post-Britpunk/post-grunge/post-Cobain exploration of “my ugliness inside,” loneliness, disaffection and nihilstic relationships where nothing feels safe, everything is ambivalent, and nowhere is home.

The lyrics drive this album, but the music is also fascinating–blending minimalistic beats with a kind of ominous shoegaze. Amazing.

And another great recent album is “These Songs Kill Fascists” by Time. Smart rap for just $5.

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