ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Through a Dark Wood by Sea Wolf

Alex Church’s indie folk band has quietly dropped their first album in 6 years, and it’s perfect in the days of post-COVID. The lead track, “Blood Pact,” ends with the sorrowful refrain, repeated over and over, “There’s nowhere else to go…There’s nowhere else to go…”

What follows is a terrific collection of smooth, catchy songs about loss and fear–the often bouncy music adds a bit of hope to lyrics that could otherwise be painfully sad. This is a great album, with complicated lyrics, full of surprises. Don’t miss it!


San Cisco’s new EP is basically four singles, by which I mean all four songs are single-worthy. Very nice pop from Down Under. Here’s the video for Skin, my personal favorite, but the videos for “Flaws” and “Reasons” are also easy to find.

Also, I really liked Jack Harlow’s new EP. It gets a little same-y, but there’s some good tracks here.

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