Thurston Moore covers New Order.

Janiva Magness just released a really good album of John Fogerty covers. Here’s Lodi. But check out the whole record–it’s really great!

Here’s an EP of covers by Dwayne Gretzky. I really like the Cars cover and it’s timely–recorded before Ric O’s passing. Rest in peace, you new wave pop superstar.

And….A Weezer cover. Weezer sucks. Anyone who is not a Weezer fan knows that. But Jenn Champion manages to make the allegory in “Undone” resonate with meaning and power. Nice done.

This is a nice living room cover of Aretha.

Cate Le Bon covers Wilco.

Ben Lee has an all-covers album coming out, and here he takes on Breeders.

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