A large collection of reasons to dig cover music in 2018! Also including remixes and mash ups, but there’s not too many of those. And there’s not too many Tom Petty covers, either. There’s a lot of Tom Petty covers, but not “too many” because, yeah, you can never have too many TP covers.

Let’s kick it off with #100-91!
100. Sex is on Fire by Black Sheikhs (Kings of Leon)
How do you pick the “worst” of a long “best of” list? By saying that creating a list of 100 songs/albums is tough, and putting it in exact order is tougher. So most of this list is roughly in order of best to “most best,” but this may actually not be the 100th best song on the list.

99. What I Am by Positive Tascha (Edie Brickell)
One of the most re-worked covers on this list–fascinating.

98. Running Down a Dream by Blake Skidmore (Tom Petty)
The first of many, many Petty covers this year.

97. Scorpion Side B by Lights (Drake)
Sadly, all the streaming versions of this have been taken down–but it’s a full side of Drake covers. 12 song.
Worth looking for. Especially their version of Nice For What.
96. Cry Little Sister by Marilyn Manson (Gerard McMann)
One of two Manson entries this year. This version is pretty similar to the original, but slightly more edgy. RIP Corey Haim.

95. Outlaws til the End Vol. 1 by DevilDriver
A collection of metal country covers. Not every one of them lands, but some of them are pure fire.

94. California Dreamin’ by Japanese Breakfast (Mamas and the Papas)

93. Come On Get Happy by SunKilMoon (Partridge Family)
The irony of this band covering that song is just delicious.

92. Running Up That Hill by First Aid Kit (Kate Bush)

91. Bowie: Obsessed by Lena Hall (David Bowie)
A collection of solid versions by the actress.

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