I think I really like this record. Merge Records has a habit of picking very interesting, genre busting bands. And I’m pretty sure this is one of them.

I’m not familiar with bands’ prior work, but the 2018 release, “Dose Your Dreams,” starts with a gentle, almost ambient instrumental lead in…Until the screaming starts.

From then on, it’s 17 more songs of yelling and singing and banging on drums and psychedelic hardcore and overall passion. That’s what soaks through this record.

Apparently, it’s a concept album. I don’t really hear the story here—but I do love the record.

They’ve also offered a remix contest. Here’s what they tweeted:

Here are some STEMS from the new LP. Download them and turn them into your own version of the song. Best mix will win a test press edition of Dose Yr Dreams. Think Baggy. Email yr versions to with the subject DOSE YR STEMS


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