A female Americana singer-songwriter who writes about what assholes men can be from a strong female perspective…And she has a sense of humor! Every single song on “For the Wolfish and Wandering” unfolds before you–none of them are obvious–and along the way offers wisdom and phrases that feel as old as the world. Kate Vargas is only 27, but the whiskey husk of her voice and sharp wit in every tune makes this album feel like an age-old classic. Like on “The Affliction,” an early single from the album: “I would die for my beliefs/I would shout ’em from the rooftops/I would take ’em to the streets/Or more likely I will sit at home and type them ‘til my fingers bleed/Or more likely I will kill for them and blame it on society…” Whoah.

Or on “Common Creep,” where she sings about universal feelings of alienation and frustration, “You’re a common creep,” she sings, “You’re bound to betray somebody when you’ve got a body like that…You’re a creep…Just like me….”

A most excellent record.

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