Romantica, who have been around for a while—long enough to have made a fan out of Ryan Adams, who appears on the final cut on this album, a live version of an older Romantica song called “The Dark.” And frankly, the song sounds like it was made for (or by) Adams himself.

As for the new material on the album, it’s good. No, it’s very good. And it’s consistent—all of it feels a lot like the kind of gentle Americana that Ryan Adams made his name with. In short, the band earns it’s name Romantica.

Good stuff, and I really liked the cover of The Beatles’ “Something.” They don’t change it up much (and frankly, why would you—it is a perfect song!), but they do a nice job at accenting different parts and putting their own stamp on it. There’s also a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, which is also extremely well done. It’s not as slow and painful as the original—the chorus feels more like a lift up than a prayer for the down. And that’s fine with me.

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