SUPER 400-“3 And The Beast”

Any Stone Temple Pilot fans out there? If so, this gnarly album is right for you. Super 400 are a new metal power trio making constantly loud jams—like The Cult, Velvet Revolver, Kings X, etc. They’re straight outta Troy, N.Y., so they got the good suburban roots so essential to the kind of “teen angst” behind this genre. There’s not a lot of up-and-coming rock bands making these albums anymore, so it’s our duty as Americans to support them. Wailing, screaming vocals, blasting riffs off a heavy guitar, and heavier drums. “It’s Gonna Burst” has some of the best of this kind of guitar work I’ve heard in years. And when they slow it down (just a touch) on “I Could Be Reborn,” they go back to the roots, recalling Cream’s Wheels of Fire period.

Plus, there’s a chick in the band!

Great stuff!


Push Back Now

Live songs:

Northern Girl

Moby Dick (Led Zeppelin cover)

Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)

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