Yeah, this is true country. And I mean TRUE country. It’s not big band big stage big money big rich country. It’s folky tunes with twang. It’s songs about being a man (sung by a woman), it’s understated, and it’s wonderful. Complete with a Shel Silverstein cover at the end.


“Anything Else To Do,” on which Carter sings, “Love me like you ain’t got anything else to do.” It’s a universal desire, expressed so simply and direct. Lovely.

“All I Got,” which is one of the best songs about being yourself I’ve heard in years. Many of her songs, including the upbeat title track, “Lucky,” are about learning who we are inside, which makes these songs stand apart. Country songs typically attach identity to another person or to nobody–country focuses on broken hearts and falling in love. But Carter Sampson’s songs are about self-definition.

Highest recommendation.

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