Comparisons to Coldplay and the new, kinder, gentler Frightened Rabbit are probably inevitable, but that shouldn’t take away from teh fact that Admiral Fallow‘s debut album, Boots Met My Face, is a terrific example of indie rock/pop/folk–a collection of songs that fall easily on the ears and instantly lighten the mood.  The Scottish sextet, formerly known (in 2006) as Brother Louis Collective, are all talented musicians in their own right, creating a unified, tight sound with a wide variety of instruments including flute, double-bass, clarinet, and the obvious guitars n’ drums.  Bandleader, lead singer, and songwriter Louis Abbott is a master at his craft–each song is fully composed, drawing on the band’s strengths and building new concepts each time.  No two songs sound the same here, every tune is unique, but they all fit together into a unified whole.  Yes, this is an album, people!  And one must also mention Grammy award winning producer Paul Savage, whose work manages to be smooth without descending into dull confection (which easily could have been the result).  He lets the band shine through and create personality, revealing an understanding of pop music: It can be catchy and cool without being simplistic and dopey.

Dead Against Smoking

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