Okay, so I guess I start with a caveat: I’m not a metalhead and don’t pretend to have a firm grasp on the genre. I enjoy me some Black Sabbath and Metallica, and when I’m in the right mood I can dig the hair bands of the 1980s. I loved the first Guns N Roses albums, but found the band had diminishing returns after that. So if I write a rave review of Used Future’s new album, ‘The Sword,” and you feel like telling me there are twelve more recent heavy rock albums that are even better, I’ll concede. I just know I really liked this one.

The album has a good mix of instrumentals that made me clench my eyes and aggressively bob my head, laced among vocal tracks that have the usual doom-and-gloom lyrics of a metal album.

But nobody listens to metal for the words, right? We want heavy drums that get fast as fuck when necessary, grinding hooks, a thrusting bassline, and an overall attitude of fists and cock. This album has that. In spades.

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