Remember Dabrye? No? It’s pronounced “dah-breee.” Still no? What if I told you he’s also gone by the name SK-1, and he once made music with J Dilla? Anyway, it’s been twelve years since his last album “Two/Three,” so you’re forgiven. The third in a trilogy, Dabrye (real name Tadd Mullinix) makes the kind of beats that the hippest underground rappers are willing to wait for. MF DOOM. Guilty Simpson. Ghostface Killah. The album bumps between instrumental beats tracks and cuts with vocals that go from thug lifers like Roc Marciano and La Peace to nerd rappers like Jon Wayne. It keeps you guessing, track to track, and never disappoints. Here’s a video for the Danny Brown track:

This is a very special record–worth whatever it costs. Seriously. Don’t sleep.

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