“Don’t shoot the messenger just because she sings…It’s all she knows…”

Shame on this amazing, amazing band for not having a soundcloud or bandcamp page, so I could stream for you the wonder of their music. But maybe it’s better this way. So you have to actually buy a CD or get a high-quality download, and you can go somewhere—like under a tree or in a cave—put it on loud and just lose yourself.

River (Come Back Up) is the official, single, and it differs from the rest of the album by feeling like a single. The rest of the album, from the brief instrumental opener all the way to the sparse closer feels like a collection of…Ghosts. Songs that are so light you might pass through them, but they will haunt you. They will demand your memory.
Here’s an acoustic version…

And here’s an acoustic demo of Orion. The finished version appears on the album.

This is an extraordinary, unusual record. It defies classification, but the closest you’ll get is Americana Folk. Get it at CD Baby here.

And since I can’t find much from this album, here’s their cover of Radioactive….

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