Jade Bennett. Tremendous voice. If you miss The Gossip, you’ll dig this.

And speaking of The Gossip, remember when they covered “Are You That Somebody?” Well, here’s another cover of it–quite different from Beth Ditto’s take on the song.

And how about just one more cover? “Move On Up” by Avid Dancer–originally by the late, great Curtis Mayfield.

The Cover Me blog has an album out of new covers. Here’s one I liked. Check it out and support your local bloggers—we’re a dying breed!

Here’s a fun dance tune from Purple Disco Machine, featuring Cee-Lo…

Here’s a new (audio only) cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright.”

Celtic Punk! It’s a little “cleaner” than most of the punk I like, but I enjoyed this tune by Hooligan featuring Christy Dignam…

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