Hardcore electronica?  Heavy drone?  Psychedelic futuristic rock?  Not sure what to call this, but it’s really good.

It’s not like PC Worship are the first guys to dredge and slog through muscular riffs, heavy drums and vocals that moan just underneath the fuzz, but something about Buried Wish sounds very different from all the other guys. And sometimes the feedback and random guitar notes might get a little overwhelming, but that’s just the immersion this album demands from you. Check out the short and deceptively complex “Tranq.” Seriously. If you just stream one song, stream that one. It’s an instrumental that sounds like something off Neil Young’s Weld album, except that it seems to be building, building, building and then…It just burns out and fades away.

I’ve had more fun listening to this album than many that came out so far this year.

Check it out.

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