. . . And yet, I keep doing it . . .

Nobody seems to appreciate it, and yet I keep telling y’all where some cool stuff is on the webs and nets.  Nobody comments to thank me, none of the sites I reference hit me back.  I’m so unappreciated.  Either that or I have a sinus infection.  Not sure which.

1.  Neil Young covers the Theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air (follow link)!  (not)

2.  Here’s a few legit covers of it . . .

Beyond the Nile

Stealing Jane

3.  Cover Me kicks off the Christmas covers with Reliant K.  Pretty cool.

4.  NYC Taper has a Meat Puppets bootleg, whereon they cover Freddie Fender!

5.  This is kind of sad. But also kind of great.  Exile on Main Street for just three bucks.

6.  This Magic Moment (Jay and the Americans)-The Mountain Goats.

7.  This dude’s blog is pretty funny.

8.  For shits and giggles, here’s Mother Hips’ cover of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl.  Since we blasphemed old Neil up above, we can treat him alright down low . . .

9.  Tim at The Blue Walrus is a helluva guy, and a pretty damn good blogger, too.  Go visit him.  Drop a comment and tell ‘im I sentcha.

10.  Rock Czar has tons of time-wasting lists, like the top 30 Nirvana songs.  If need to do more procrasturbating.

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