WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Shameless Pop Edition!

I’ve had a rough week. Let’s have an upbeat weekend! And let’s start with Mondo Cozmo, the lead single from his new record “Plastic Soul.” It kinda reminds me of 1990s era U2, but without all the arena-sounding bombast.

The lead single from Gothic Tropic’s new album, fast or feast, is good pop music…

Ditto for Human Heat’s new tune.

We’re about half through my weekend singles list, so let’s do a video. Love this soft and sultry tune…

And for something that’s still happy, but more sweet and nice than dance/pop, check out Kazyak’s new album. Here’s the single:

And how about that new Church Girls album? It’s damn good. Not bubbly, but full of hooks and harmony.

And then of course there’s the Pains of Being Pure at Heart…

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