I love the way this album kicks off, with the song “Appropriate” and the wonderful lyric “It feels good to buy something you can’t afford!” Aggressive, smart punk with a woman fronting the band.

This is a tight band, with clear skill. By the end of the record, you may be exhausted–and some of the songs do start to run together–but on repeat listens, their talent is even more evident. Past the bluster and guitar rage, there’s a strong intelligence and love of country. Yeah, they’re spoofing and riffing on the U.S.A., but it’s only because they truly want to push it back to greatness–a greatness that stands for everyone, not just the few and the rich.

Hot moments: When the album takes a sharp turn away from postpunk into surf on the title track, but the vocals feel like Debbie Harry. The angry shoegaze of Pink White House, which feels like The Go Gos on acid. And the chanting, chaotic noise of Puff, complete with the line, “Achieve your dreams! Burger King!”

Well worth it at $10 on Bandcamp.

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