Welles clearly loves classic rock, and he’s released a whole album telling us just that.

Lead track “How Sweet It Is To Love” will probably remind you of the band’s cover of Nirvana’s, “Heart Shaped Box,” which they put out a few years ago (and which doesn’t seem to be available to stream anywhere these days). Then “Rock N Roll,” a tribute to the bygone genre, will probably remind you of T-Rex with it’s chorus, “Rock and roll is a gas/so give me all the drugs/it’s all I need!” It’s a great song. Really great. And that goes right into “Hold Me Like I’m Leaving,” a simple love song full of rough passion and angst.

Yeah, this is music meant to be heard live. Also on the album: “Do You Know How To Fuck,” with it’s refrain, “Love Me Tender,” and “Seventeen,” an homage (not a cover) to the Big Star song. And it’s not all old rock that he’s into. “Crush 19” should recall Nirvana at its angry, screaming, wailing best.

This is a fantastic record. Highly, highly recommended.

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