Today, lots of slowcore, slowish, dark indie, moody and that kinda thing. Pray for rain, because if you’re single and listening to this mix, you should be indoors.
It hardly seems right to call anything Oneida does a “single.” It’s intense, heavy jazz/prog. But the 2016 album, with Rhys Chatham, was pretty good,

Soft Pyramids.

Kristoffer and the Harbour Heads came out with a single that’s very cool—it’s not catchy, it’s deep. Soulful indie rock.

So this isn’t really moody, but it is timely. “I Love Immigration.” Sing it at Trump appearances!

Here’s a moody cover of a moody Cars song, with a great video to boot!

Husky Rescue’s new single is about as rainy-day moody as it gets…

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