no panty
Joell Ortiz. Bodega Bamz. Nitty Scott. And production by Salaam Remi.

Ortiz is one of those rappers who really has never gotten his due—his flow sounds a little like a cross between Joe Budden and Big Punisher—and his last album didn’t find traction, so he’s teamed up with Bodega Bamz and Nitty Scott to produce a party album designed to expand his fanbase. Problem is, it probably won’t because Nitty Scott is oh-my-God breathtakingly good, and easily overshadows her partners on this highly recommended mixtape.

Not that Ortiz and Bamz are weak. I’m not saying that at all. Every member of this “supergroup” contributes—every one of them has great lines, each one of them owns at least one track. Overall, the album has a strong Latin feel and I’ll be surprised if this isn’t one of the best mixtapes you’ve heard this year.

Get it free or stream it below.

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