WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES! Some Songs to Get Down With on Friday Night!

Honest songwriting. Diggin’ the new record by Guy Grogan–especially the first track.

And if you liked that, you’ll probably also like R. Finn’s new record. Here’s a taste.

Recorded during the sessions for his 2017 album, “Work,” Ron Pope releases a handful of quiet songs. And they’re really, really good. Here’s a couple of them.

Totally changing gears, I’m feeling “I’m Feeling You,” a disco dancing R&B single from Amp Fiddler.

And blending the Americana we started with to the pop music above, Awolnation is back. Here’s the single:

A few quick hits of new songs:

Amerigo Gazeway is at his remix game again. This time, J Dilla gets the treatment…

I Don’t Wanna Be Blind is some terrific melodic hardcore…

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