WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: (Mostly) 1980s Covers Edition!

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All covers, mostly from the decade that made mild music great.

First, are we going through a Phil Collins renaissance or something? If so, I’m pleased. I’ve always felt that little bald man’s legacy has been underrated by the 2000s indie crowd who want to cover the hell out of Springsteen but seem to ignore poor Phil. We’re starting with a pretty faithful rendition of his duet with Phillip “Earth Wind and Fire” Bailey…

And from there, a slowed cover of one of Phil’s rare socially conscious ballads…

And while we’re on late ‘80s pop, here’s another fairly faithful cover. This time, INXS’s “New Sensation.” You gotta love that sax flavor.

Okay, now let’s have some fun. Simon and Garfunkle’s “Cecilia” is a racous ride of heartbreak, and Local Natives did a good job by barely changing a note. Such a terrific cover!

And another slowed down one of a song by, by, you guessed it, Brooooose.

Why do so many people slow down their covers? Weird. Here’s a dramatically different take on Paul Simon’s upbeat “Boy in the Bubble.”
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