QUICK SHOTS: Cabin Dogs, Dead Exs, and Mittenfields

 THE DEAD EXS-Resurrection

Like the Black Keys?  Like The White Stripes?

Check out the name-your-own-price (yes, zero bucks is included) album by The Dead Exs.  This NYC band is getting a rep quickly, so listen now—before it comes trendy.

Get it free here.

CABIN DOGS-Midnight Trail

Rich and Rob Kwait, twin brothers, have produced an album of country-sounding indie tunes, including a terrific Bob Dylan cover.

For fans of Drive By Truckers, Whiskeytown, Jason Isbel, Wilco.

New Morning (Bob Dylan cover)



High Falls


Screaming, atmospheric punk with vocals that sound like David Byrne.  Can’t go wrong with a combo like that, can you?

My Mind Is An Avalanche




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