WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: A Mix of Rap, Rock, Pop, Covers and More in Our Biggest WAFS Post To Date!

dancing ladies

American Monoxide’s “Web Content” album is a strange one—it’s electronic instrumentals, but it’s kind of all over the place. A huge sound collage. And much of it is damn cool. Check out this cut…

Also in the mellow electronic mode, we’ve got “Boy” by Boyboy.

deCollage are aptly named, as they consist entirely of members of other bands like Ancient Elk, Candy Claws, and others.

low rider car

Some interesting new hip hop…

Anything with Hood Internet on it is worth at least one spin….

Kate Jackson’s new album, British Road Movies is clear pop music. But it’s amazing how she can sound like Madonna and Aimee Mann at the same time. I really dig the singles I’ve heard. Here’s two.
low rider car 2

Hotelier’s “Goodness” album is a fun mix of pop music—but check out that (ahem) ballsy album cover. I’m fairly certain that’s not the actual band.

And okay, this isn’t a single. It’s a full hour mixtape of De La Soul—the old, the new, very cool.


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