cave states

The Undertow Music Collective has some of today’s most exciting artists, like Julia Nunes, Clap Hands Say Yeah, and Cave States. Hailing from St. Louie, the band consists of a group of singer/songwriters who have been making music for decades in underground, indie bands before coming together in 2013 to release The Great Divide. I have to confess, I missed that one—but True Life is terrific.

If I had to classify it, I guess I’d go with Americana, but I hear some classic rock phrasing (particularly on “Lazy Susan,” with a guitar piece that sounds close to Pink Floyd’s Empty Spaces and a melody that could be Simon and Garfunkle), folk sensibility, and overall just plain good, honest songwriting.

I’ve listened to it straight through, twice, and I’m working on time number three. For a guy like me, who has to listen to several albums a week just to keep up with submissions, that’s about the highest praise I can offer. That, and the fact that I don’t skip a single track.

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