WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring Paul Simon, a Tracy Chapman cover, Mr. Lif, and more!


Let’s kick it off with a cover song–a dance version of a 1990s folk hit…

From the upbeat danceable Jean Blanc we go to Iska Dhaaf who are a Seattle duo whose new album, The Wanting Creature is a moody, meditative collection of very interesting songs. Not really a “single” because this is an album you need to listen to all the way through, but a sample track is below.

Vivid Low Sky have released a nifty instrumental album. Try this cut…

Nai Harvest’s new single is out. It’s a good listen.

Like Scarface? Hate Adele? Then check out Stitches, whose new single sounds a lot like the former Geto Boy but he does a great riff on “Hello.”

A swinging new single by Mr. Lif…

Oh! New Paul Simon!

And finally, I know Jidenna’s singles Classic Man and Knickers came out last year, but I’m still bangin’ to them regular. Amazing stuff. Can’t wait for the album. He makes me think of what Akon might have been able to do if he’d had the reach of a Bruno Mars.

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