WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES starring Lupe Fiasco!

brilliant move
Another cover of Don’t Fear the Reaper? Yes. It’s hard to do a bad version of this song.

And if one is good, two must be better. The Frisby’s also covered it (this year is the 40th anniversary of the song) as part of their push for their new album–and the single for that record is also posted below.

Lupe! Lupe! Lupe!

Angela Perley and the Howlin Moons’ lastest is out now, and it’s darn good…

The new album by Future Elevators is pretty good—here’s the single. It’s not experimental or groundbreaking, it’s just good, peaceful pop music.

I’m never sure with mash-ups if the proper thing to do is say, “Here’s the new mash-up by Emmy Wildwood and Bredahl,” or, “Here’s a new take on Sia’s Breathe Me—mixed with Major Lazer’s Lean On!” But I did like this song…

Jesse Ruben’s new single is romantic! Check it out!

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