It’s a list.  You know all about lists.  This one doesn’t have Star Wars on it ‘cause I ain’t seen it yet.  I also haven’t seen contenders The Big Short, Tangerine, Joy, Legend, or The Revenant.

So deal with the fact that they’re not on my list.


Runner up: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.  Other than the fact that it was pretty one-sided, this was a fascinating look at the cult that controls Hollywood.

10.  The Martian.  That Matt Damon guy can act pretty good.  Someone should put him in a few more movies.

9.  Spotlight.  It’s not really about the Catholic church, it’s really about journalists.  The scariest thing about this movie wasn’t that the church has enough money to protect pedophiles, it’s that the news industry doesn’t have enough money to expose them anymore.  It’s really an ode to the death of long-form investigative journalist.

8.  Sicario.  Terrifyingly violent and incredibly well-acted, I went in expecting a B-picture crime movie and instead I got my favorite Benecio Del Toro movie of all time.  (No, wait.  Second favorite. Guardians of the Galaxy still rocks.)

7.  Kingsman: The Secret Service I’m sure it’s the start of a franchise, and I hate to give Mark Millar any kudos that might swell his head, but this was a really great movie.  So much better than Spectre, and so much better than anyone thought it would be.

6.  Ex Machina.  I expected to hate this movie, but it actually made me think.  A lot.  I wish the ending had been a little tighter, but up to the big finale the philosophical and ethical issues presented felt balanced, provocative, and entirely relevant.

5.  Brooklyn.  It’s just a little romantic movie, but my God is it wonderful.

4.  Creed.  A Rocky sequel shouldn’t have any right to be this good.

3.  It Follows.  It’s a horror movie.  It follows most horror movie tropes.  But it’s actually scary.  Very scary.  You’ll be thinking about it—and everyone you’ve ever slept with—for weeks.

2.  Straight Outta Compton.  First of all, Ice Cube’s son can actually act.  Second, a rap docudrama that’s actually good?  Maybe there’s hope for the Biggie/Tupac stories after all.

1.  Mad Max: Fury Road.  A revolution in the art of action movie-making, a revelation in reinvention (at a time when every other movie seems to be a reboot), and an all-around thrill.  Well scripted, well acted, brilliantly directed…Stunning and awesome.

Worst movie of the year starring a great superhero actor: Jurassaic World.  Runner ups: Blackhat, San Andreas.

Worst franchise movie: Fantastic Four.  Runner up: Jurassaic World.

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