Pirate Prude may not have made the best album I’ve heard all year, but they’ve certainly picked the best name for an album: Pillowcore. At least, that’s how these songs have been tagged. According to band-member Mark Freifeld, though, some or all of the songs are demos for a what he says will be a “concept” album modeled after Exile in Guyville, which was modeled after Exile on Main Street. He says he’s hit a $$$ snag, so he’s trying to find a backer.

The songs do sound quite a bit like a male Liz Phair (her early work, not her recent sugar pop). And that’s a good thing. Rough, grimey, sludgy, aggressive alt-rock.

Definitely worth your eartime. Give it a check.

Fight Flight


Devil’s Hairslut

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