I’m starting with this laid back single, Humma, which is fucking fiya. Seriously. You have to give it a chance—it takes a few bars to get going, but the flow is tremendous.

Summer of ninety one wants you to hear this new rap single…

Joel Ortiz has a new single—that should be ‘nuff said for you to check it out.

I guess I’m officially old, because my son turned me on to new hip hop. Futuristic. I argued with him about it: “Don’t you mean Future” I said. No, he didn’t. Because I don’t care for Future—lots of hype about him but I don’t feel it. But this…This is good.

“When you hang with a leech guaranteed they gonna suck you dry.” I love this guy’s delivery. It’s a little annoying that he relies on a harmonizer, because I want to hear what he can really do but this is like early Akon—when he was still gangsta.

And this isn’t Joey Badass’ best, but it’s not his worst. A fun little “back in the day” ditty.

And finally, some band called Basecamp managed to score a guest spot by the great Del Tha Funkee Homosapien….

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