SCARFACE-Deeply Rooted

Former Geto Boy Scarface is in my top 10. Seriously. He’s up there with Eminem and NaS. I know he hasn’t gotten the same level of fame, and by rap standards he’s an old man—so he probably never will. But he’s rapped some of the most heartfelt gangsta stories ever recorded.

So what’s he doing now, at 45 years old? He’s still making amazing music. Unlike Jay-Z, he hasn’t grown up. He’s still talking about hustling and stealing and life on the street. And he still sounds real as hell. “Rooted” is about still being in the game, and The Hot Seat is his tribute to Ice Cube’s, “It Was a Good Day,” and then there’s God (below) with John Legend. Just three of many reasons you need to get this album.

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