HEAVY GLOW-The Filth and the Fury EP

Before you can begin to enjoy Heavy Glow’s

“The Filth and the Fury,” you have to forgive them for swiping the name from the Sex Pistols.  You have to, because they are absolutely nothing like the Pistols.  Heavy Glow are a blues trio with blazing guitar, energetic drums, and rough(ish) vocals.  Are they like The White Stripes?  A little.  But their music is tighter, better organized.  Are they like Black Keys?  A little, but the vocals are much better and they focus on extended 1970s-style guitar solos.  Their well-produced EP features modern blues like “Red July” and heavier, stoner jams like the single, “Love Ghost.”  The EP consists of 5 songs recorded in one 6-hour session.  And it sounds like it, too.  There’s a sense of improvisation and freedom, the sound of sweat and smiles, mixed in with the dirt and grind.

The CD that the band sent me also has two unlisted bonus tracks that are just as good as the five “official” listed tracks.  When I looked it up on iTunes, it looks like you just get the five there.  So order the CD from their website or something.  This is a trio that should be on your radar.

Love Ghost

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