J-LIVE-The Best Part

Here’s a blast from the past, the first release from J-Live, an extraordinary but little-known (and even less recognized) gangsta backpacker. It took J 4 years (1995-1999) to create “The Best Part,” but he used that time wisely. Not only did he craft razor-sharp rhymes, tight, all meat and no filler, but he scored multiple producers including legends like Prince Paul, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock, and underground faves like 88 Keys and DJ Spinna. The album wasn’t released until ’01, when it leaked, because the label he was signed to was bought out by Germans. (Incidentally, I have a relative who also lost their job during that WEA buyout of the great London Records. But I’m not the leaker!)

Ultimately, it landed with Triple Threat Productions, and we’re all the better for it. Do yourself a favor and go score it from e-music or wherever else you can.

I think it’s out of print.

Wax Paper-J Live (Produced by Prince Paul)

Yes!-J Live



More garage band hooks. More scuzz guitar. More yelling. More bluesy riffs. Y’all know what I like.

Brimstone Howl have toured with the Black Lips, Radio Moscow, and the Black Keys. Speaking of the Keys, the new BS single is a product of Dan “The Black Keys” Auerbach.


Brimstone Howl-Bad Seed.

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