WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES featuring all original music!

I usually post a mix of covers and remixes on my “Weekends” posts, but I’ve been getting so many cool original songs lately I thought I’d blast all of them out in a single post. I hope it turns you on to a few artists you’re not already familiar with!

I’m going to start with a neat little punk song, “Dead Air” by Instant Empire.

Okay, it’s not a single, it’s a double, but it’s a great way to kick off the weekend. The Holydrug Couple’s two-song EP is blissful—especially Atlantic Couple.

The first half of “This Heel II” is lofi in the extreme—the point where it feels unfinished. It can be fun to hear raw demo music, but only if it’s interesting. And the first six songs on this album aren’t. I was ready to bail, in fact, and then I heard track 7: Evert L Pipkin. It’s a simple enough pop song, and good enough to keep me listening. Then the jingle jangle of Cold Outside came on, and I was sold. This is a band with potential.

And how about a wholly original rap track—no samples, no stealing the hook, 100% created material. Psychedelic rap from New Zephland.

See you next weekend!

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