‘Allo Darlin’ cheated.  Twice.  First, their “EP” is really just a single (an A-side and a B-side), and my site doesn’t review singles.  That’s a rule.  But I’m considering this single an EP, just so I can review it.

Second, they named a song “Wu Tang Clan.”  How the hell am I not going to listen to that?  Answer: I am going to listen to it.  No doubt.

Darren, the “A” side, is a bouncy, terrific indie pop song that would be all over the radio now if there were any justice left in the music industry.  Or any industry left in it.  Lead singer and ukelelist Elizabeth Morris is fantastic, and the three men behind her are all exceptional musicians and harmony singers.  Truly, I can’t express in words how much I enjoy this song.

And as for Wu Tang Clan, it’s more of a ballad—a song of a broken hearted gal who listens to Wu Tang when she gets low.  She “pictures ODB in his prison cell and tells herself it’s okay to be alone.”  This song makes my heart stop, my arms get goose bumps, and almost moves me to tears.  Seriously.  Almost. I listen to Wu Tang, too. I’m no pussy.

Apparently, the band already has a debut album that came out last year.  I missed it.  But I damn sure won’t miss the next one.

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Allo Darlin’ Wu Tang Clan

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