WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES! Featuring Lila Rose, Joey Bada$$, and a cover of Young Folks!

I never really liked the song “Young Folks,” but I love this. Who knew all it needed was a backbeat?

New Ras Kass!

And even better: New Joey Bada$$!!!!

I’m really not sure what to say about Lila Rose‘s “We Animals.” I like it. That’s for damn sure. I really like it. But classifying it? Stacking in the genre cube? That’s hard. It feels like pop, it feels like mood rock, it feels indie. It sounds like Adele. It sounds like Sinead O’Connor. It sounds like R&B. Great record. Here’s the single:

And last but not least, a pretty funny video from a new indie band. Totally DIY. Check it out!

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