So this album was recommended to me by a friend, and here’s how it went:

“Have you heard Yuck?”
“Yeah. Love it. Picked it as one of the best albums of 2014.”
“But it just came out…”
“No, it didn’t.”

That’s when I realized he was talking about the album, not the band. The band is Alpine. The album is Yuck, and it came out this year.

And it’s damn good.

I haven’t heard it, but the band’s 2012 debut made made all kinds of news for being fantastic, and comparisons between this album and that one usually find Yuck coming up short—but I dig it. It’s hard to classify. The lead track, Come On, feels a little bit like lounge music crossing over to Shoegaze….

But if you treat as an opening track, setting the tone for the album, it makes sense. Because it leads directly into the first single, Foolish…

Tell me that’s not great pop? Go ahead, I dare you. What follows is “Crunches,” an even better song for its complexity. Every song on this record is worth listening to. I mean every song. That’s pretty rare these days.

Check it out.

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