MC EIHT & BRENK SINATRA-Compton 2 Vienna

Are you nostalgic for 1990s West Coast gangsta rap? You know, songs that shout out OE 800, Compton and Crips (and Bloods—no hate), and artists like MC Ren and The DOC? If so, this new mixtape by MC Eiht is for you. Don’t know who he is? Well, you might recognize him from his role in the second-best hood film of all time, Menace II Society (Boyz N Tha Hood was better), or as the main guy behind the rap group Compton’s Most Wanted. Still don’t know him? Well, you’re forgiven—his style dos feel a little dated. But for old fucks like myself, it’s a great blast from the past.

Check it out for free via Audiomac.

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