THE FEATURES-Old Familiar Melodies (2008-2013)

I’ve loved the Features ever since they burst on the scene in 2008. I have no idea why they never exploded. They’re the perfect pop band: Crisp melodies, slightly off-kilter vocals, wonderful hooks, and they play together like they all have the same mind.

But the fact that they’re not owned by Columbia Records means you can get their “best of” free from Noisetrade. It compiles cuts from their three proper albums, Some Kind of Salvation, Wilderness, and The Features. It doesn’t have everything you could ever want–“Blow It Out,” which is my favorite Features song, isn’t here. Nor is “I Will Wander.” But there’s not a bad song in the bunch, and if this doesn’t keep your toes tapping and head nodding in joyous agreement, you just don’t like indie pop.

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