I remember the first time I heard Langhorne Slim. The EP came in an envelope that was, literally, addressed from a house that was spitting distance from the one I grew up in. On Berkeley Place. So, of course, I listened. I was predisposed to like it, even though it was a little more rootsy/country than I tend to like.

But since then, Langhorne Slim has grown and changed. He’s taken on elements of indie rock, folk, and even pop, that put him in the same class as Clem Snide, Belle & Sebastian, and Bishop Allen.

Be Set Free is easily my favorite LS record. In particular, opening track “Back To The Wild,” is soaring and inspirational—approaching Gospel, even. And his lyrics, whether it’s verses like ““Everyone has got a dream, you know what I mean/Everyone wants to see what they’ve never seen/Everyone wants to see what they’ve never seen/You know what I mean/If you want me tonight I’m yours/For as long as I can be/Everyone becomes invisible in the land of dreams;” toss-off lines like, “I know sometimes we disagree/But I prefer when you say yes;” or just a songtitle (“I Love You But Goodbye”), are always carefully crafted and touching. Langhorne deserves our respect, praise, and cash. Get this album!

Land Of Dreams (YSI)


Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)-Bishop Allen (YSI)


Back To The Grill (Featuring MC Serch)-Nas (Demo) (YSI)

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