blurred lines naked cover
Some bands, some records, resist my policy against reviewing RIAA materials. This is one of them. Those Darlins are, simply put, fantastic. Even if they’ve signed to a major label, “Oh Wow Dang Records,” that label is hardly a major one. Yeah, they pay RIAA dues–which makes them part of the anti-music corporate machine–but the band’s sound hasn’t been affected.

Blur the Line is terrific. No, there’s no lame cover of the song of the summer. Instead, the album offers a collection of rock, pop and Americana originals. The music is somewhat similar to previous offerings by the band, but there’s a lot more of an edge to it. More toe-tapping, more accessible hooks, but without sacrificing the wonderful lyrics and the band’s ability to combine musical emphasis and wonderful vocals in a perfect, even mix.

If you’ve never heard this band before, I have to say that I did like their eponymous debut more (it was one of the best albums of 2009) The band lost founding member Kelley Anderson in 2012, but they’re still going strong.

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