My first brand new A to Z post on my new site! Dig it, mon!

No zip this time. Enjoy.

A/B is for comparing these two versions of C is for Could You Be Loved?

CYBL-Stephen Marley.

CYBL-Damian Jr. Gong Marley.

It must be so great to have your kids playing your songs. I hope somehow Bob knows and is smiling.

B is also for Natural Mystic-Luka Bloom.

C is also for
Is This Love? (Bob Marley)-Citizen Cope.

D is for deep.
It’s Mine-Bobb Deep. A mash up featuring Nas. Incidentally, Bobb Deep’s Queensbridge to Kingstown mixtape, which is all Marley blends, is phenomenal. It’s everything the usually weak mash-up genre should aspire to be.

E is for Exodus-Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. I love Jr. Gong. I picked his Jamrock album as the best of the year once, a few years back.

F is for California industrial rap underground legend Michael Franti’s project, Spearhead. Bob Marley medley-Spearhead.

G is for gospel, which is what this song sounds like to me, more than reggae. Stop That Train-Ryan Montanbleu.

H is for Kaya-Haiku D’Etat

I is for I Shot the Sheriff-Marc Broussard

J is for The News/Natural Mystic-Jack Johnson

K is for Kinky Reggae-Local 28

L is for Get Up, Stand Up-Little Feat

M is for mash up! Crying in the Chapel-Bob Marley and the Wailers with Elvis Presley. Yeah, it’s a mash up, not some bizarre, rare bootleg. Could you imagine if it were, though?

N is for No Woman No Cry, the most covered song on this page.

No Woman No Cry-Blues Traveller. I saw these guys live, twice, and they were HORRIBLE. That was about ten years ago, though. I hear they were pretty wasted most of the time back then.

No Woman No Cry-Pearl Jam

No Woman No Cry-Rancid

No Woman, No Cry-Jason Mraz

P is for 3 Little Birds-Pearl Jam

R is for Redemption Song-Glen Phillips

S is for War-Michael Franti and Spearhead.

T is for Travis! Rock the Casbah/I Shot the Sheriff/Roxanne-Travis Rocco Band. Like the way I snuck a Clash cover in here? Gotcha!

U is unother dude’s site. Go here to find an mp3 of “Concrete Jungle” by The Specials.

V is for Vain. Wait in Vain-Emmet Swimming.

W is for white rapper! Rastaman Chant-Matisyahu

Z is for Ziggy! Redemption Song-Lauryn Hill and Ziggy Marley

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